Friday, November 2, 2012

Breed Specific Legislation and Why I'm AGAINST it!

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For the past 3 months now of trying to get my dog walking/pet sitting business off the ground, I'm starting to feel a bit like a sponge.  There is more to consider, more research, more social networking, website development ect...ect...

These are just learning experiences, and being a well seasoned administrative professional, I'm up to the challenge.  However, I do come across issues that directly impact me as a business owner and my clients.  One such issue that I have been researching is Breed Specific Legislation.

In short, Breed Specific Legislation is according to

"A breed-specific law is a type of dangerous dog law. It is defined as any ordinance or policy that pertains to a specific dog breed or breeds, but does not affect any others. Proponents of breed-specific laws seek to limit public exposure to dangerous dogs by regulating ownership of these breeds. The objective of breed-specific laws is to prevent future attacks before an occurrence."

In other words, Pit Bulls (American Pit Bull Terrier) , Rottweilers, Dobermans and Akitas....all the "scary" dogs.  Problem is, this legislation not only undermines our ability to chose the best companion for us, but it is also very much a mainstream media driven scare.  Fatal attacks are rare...but when they happen its big news, like shark attacks.  These breeds being targeted are very powerful dogs, and without proper training they can be lethal.  So I pose this question to you? is it the dog or is it the owner?  I place ALL responsibility on the OWNER.

Blame the "Thug Life" mentality, I do...for those who intentionally make these dogs vicious, there is not much you can do to enlighten them.  They are vicious, untrained wild animals themselves.  Its unfortunate for the dog that has been cursed to have such an unworthy master.

 For others, who are responsible, loving owners of these dogs, they are being targeted as well.  A very famous Pit Bull in Belfast, Ireland lost his life and left his owner devastated even though he never attacked anyone.  Lennox and his owner fought hard against the legislation, and even Victoria Stillwell, host of Animal Planet's show "It's me or the Dog", stepped in to offer to take Lennox out of the country on her dime to no avail.....


The Love of My Life Mara Jade...yeah..she's all sorts of vicious..
So which breed will be targeted next?  In my research of various ordinances, I found a disturbing one in Fairfield, Iowa...Siberian Huskies.  My wonderful loving dog, who is about as threatening as a butterfly.  This is why this issue has become important to me. 

Education is key here, and also common sense.

Never let your child pet a dog without asking the owner first.

Teach your children to greet the dog with palms up, so the dog can have a moment to become familiar with the child.

 This is non-aggressive to to the dog.   When children want to pet Mara, and they always do..she's a "Snow Dog" from the Disney movies.  I make her sit and ask the children to do this one at a time.  I have never had a issue with Mara greeting children, but I feel its important for them and their parents to know proper manners when meeting a dog for the first time.

There are also great tips in dealing with aggressive dogs on the Dogs Bite website.

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